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Natural Serpentine Aqeeq Stone with a reflecting Cat’s Eye Effect to ward off Witchcraft and Sorcery

Serpentine Gemstone set in Alpaca Silver Ring

Natural Serpentine Aqeeq Stone with a reflecting Cat’s Eye Effect to ward off Witchcraft and Sorcery

Natural serpentine has a veined pattern with a golden-green color. These dark veins are actually comprised of naturally-occurring fibre bundles, which look similar to a snake’s skin; indeed, serpentine owes its name to the resemblance it bears to snakeskin. For this reason, then, this type of aqeeq stone is believed to possess certain mystical properties that are closely associated with serpents. In a practical way, gemstones of this kind are worn for protection against poisonous snakes. In addition, it serves as a healing crystal to cure those venomous snakebites with.

Natural Serpentine Gemstone

When one rotates the gem, this automatically gives rise to the optical phenomenon of chatoyancy. Due to the so-called ‘chatoyant effect’, there appears a vertical ray of brightly reflecting light that looks very much like the slit eye of a cat. The resultant appearance of the cat’s eye is caused by the reflection of light by fibre bundles in the semi-precious stone. Consequently, serpentine is considered an aqeeq through which the wearer gains the ability to ward off the evil eye (Arabic: al-’ayn/ال), making him or her practically invulnerable to witchcraft and sorcery. Subsequently, by wearing this ring, one’s life can quickly return to normal again, so that one’s business may soon improve and starts generating more profit.

Naga Sukoi Gem from Sulawesi

Duʿāʾ for Natural Serpentine Aqeeq Stone

Wa-mā lanā ʾallā natawakkala ʿalā llāhi wa-qad hadānā subulanā wa-la-naṣbiranna ʿalā mā ʾādhaytumūnā wa-ʿalā llāhi fa-l-yatawakkali l-mutawakkilūn (7x).


“And why should we not put our trust in Allāh, seeing that He has guided us in our ways? Surely, we will put up patiently with whatever torment you may inflict upon us, and in Allāh let all the trusting put their trust.” (Qur’ān 14:12)

Green Serpentine Jewel Ring