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Badar Besi Vintage Telepathy Talisman

Khodamic Badar Besi Vintage Talisman for Telepathy and Clairvoyance

In Indonesian ‘Badar’ meaning stone, and ‘Besi’ meaning iron, is a metallic rock, classified as a ‘mustika’stone. Therefore, badar besi is one of the most sacred types of Indonesian gemstones, used in amulets and talismans. Because of exactly that reason, it is also known as the magical iron element. Besides iron, badar besi often contains …

Yellow Agate Talisman Ring Supporting Detoxification Metabolism and Heart
Peruvian Opal Panther Eye Amulet for Vitality and Stamina

Peruvian Opal Panther Eye Amulet for Vitality and Performance

Peruvian opal is known to be typically blue and relatively rare. This specific yellow variation is even more exclusive. In Peru Opal is only to be found in the Andes mountains. The ancient Inca’s believed opals were a gift from Pachamama, the archaic Incan goddess of earth and time. Opal always has been associated with …

Basaltic Bulu Macan Tiger Glass Gemstone

Black Astrophyllite Crystal Ring for Psychic Development and Spiritual Transformation

Natural deposits of astrophyllite are extremely rare across the entire globe. However, in Indonesia the chance to find an authentic gemstone of this particular kind is higher than anywhere else in the world, simply because of the many volcanoes that lie scattered around in the Indonesian archipelago. This black crystal quartz is valued not only …

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Black Friday Shopping Deal 2018: 50% Off All Aqeeq Gemstones!

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